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Marketing’s Metamorphosis: Mobile and the Rise of the Connected Individual and Marketer

Starts: 12:00 pm | Ends: 12:40 pm

The field of marketing is going through a metamorphosis — and when the transformation is complete, marketers will face an entirely new paradigm. The lines between digital and physical will blur, ultimately becoming indistinguishable. Mobile technology, connectivity, and data will reshape and sit at the heart of marketing. Algorithms will take over repeatable tasks, and some of the creative ones, too. Big data will compete with small data. Connected individuals will rise and set their terms of engagement. New regulations will invalidate accepted practices. Many marketing jobs will disappear, and new ones will rise. To thrive under the new paradigm marketers will need to learn and re-learn their trade. They’ll need to learn a new strategic perspective and methods for understanding, enabling, simplifying experiences and servicing connected individuals, at scale, and on the individual’s terms. They’ll need to focus on creating value for, not from, individuals.

• In this keynote, Michael Becker will share insights and a perspective on the mega trends impacting industry, people’s expectations and behaviors, and his views on the rise of connected individuals and the connected marketer.

• Participants will gain practical insight on digital practices that they can employ today to achieve their goals, as well as get a glimpse to what is on the horizon.



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